The Queen of Silence

10 years old Denisa is an outcast in many ways. She is an illegal citizen of a gypsy camp in Poland, a woman in a patriarchal gypsy community and most of all – she doesn’t speak as no one has ever diagnosed her with severe hearing disabilities. She lives in a world of her own, full of rhythm and dance, imitating the glamorous women from the Bollywood DVDs she found in a nearby garbage. Dancing she can be anyone she wants, even a queen, and express what she can‘t say – joy, sadness and fear.

coproduced by: Majade, HBO Europe, ARTE / ZDF, Odra-Film, Stefilm International

with the support of: Polish Film Institute, Creative Europe, MDM


director: Agnieszka Zwiefka |  cinematography: Aleksander Duraj, Armand Urbaniak  |  editor: Thomas Ernst, Hansjorg Weissbrich  |  sound: Artur Kuczkowski  |  music: Cocorosie, Dani Printul Banatului, Jessica de Rooij

Albert Cinema

The story of the homeless filmmakers from the Brother Albert’s shelter, who are trying to change their lives. Step-by-step. Frame-by-frame. Shooting films, in which they are the actors, scriptwriters, directors and cinematographers. A story about the power of a true passion. The main protagonist of the film is Leszek, the best actor in the cast, a man with a natural talent, but very complicated character. He has one big dream – seeing his son again. They have lost contact 28 years ago when Leszek was an alcohol addict and haven’t spoken ever since. For his son Leszek is shooting his last film.

coproduced by: TVP, Odra-Film

director: Agnieszka Zwiefka  |  cinematographer: Aleksander Duraj  |  editor: Jerzy Szota  |  sound: Artur Kuczkowski  |  music: Leszek Możdżer